Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not have any limits in the amount of storage you can use. We reserve the right to change our policy in future.

Yes, as a registered user you can upload images with upto 100mb, unregistered members can upload images with upto 4mb.

We do not allow gore & child pornography. Everything else is allowed, considering it is legal. NSFW is allowed, as long as you use the NSFW feature where neccesary. In cases of gore/child pornography we will work with law enforcement in every possible way. We have a strict privacy policy, your content and your data is secure with us.

Yes, you can set your images to be removed from our servers automatically after a specified timeframe.

Yes, you can set your images to be private. They will not be listed in public areas and only users that get the link from you will be able to view the file. Alternativelly you are able to protect your images using passwords as well.

Once an image is uploaded in public mode you are not able to set it to private. You can either reup it in private mode or as a workaround, create an album, move the image into the album and set the whole album to private.

We do not have a bandwidth limit. Hotlinking is allowed. We reserve the right to include watermarking in hotlinked images.

We get our revenue from placing discrete advertisement on our site.

When you visit, you generate advertising income. We use the income generated to plant trees in cooperation with the TreeNation Project. More info can be found here.

您可以從 你的電腦加入圖片連結 添加更多圖像.
您可以從 你的裝置, 截圖加入圖片連結添加更多圖像.
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您已經可以使用剛剛上傳的建立新相簿 您必須 建立新帳號登入 才能將此內容保存到您的帳戶中。
發生錯誤, 系統無法處理您的請求.
    注意: 部分圖片無法上傳. 了解更多
    檢查 錯誤報告 來了解更多訊息.